SOFT POWERAn explanation of the concept of “soft power” and an endorsement of its relevance in international relations.

MAN OF THE YEAR (2017) – My choice for 2017’s Man of the Year.

NEW WORLD ORDERHow Donald Trump is almost single-handedly changing the world order to revolve less around America.

MAN OF THE YEAR (2016)My choice for 2016’s Man of the Year.

TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONSNot about the usual North American-European relations, but about Brazilian-African relations.

GRAND TOURISMOAn opinion piece defending tourism as a legitimately insightful way of better appreciating the world.

GO EAST, YOUNG MANAn opinion piece arguing that America should get more involved in East Asia.

HALF THE WORLDOn the struggles faced by women around the world.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR (2015)My choice for 2015’s Woman of the Year.

ON TERRORISMA collection of personal thoughts on terrorism (especially Islamic terrorism).

EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICEA collection of personal thoughts on the difficulty of reconciling the international crusade to promote human rights with the touchy issues of national sovereignty and differing cultures.

BETTER THAN DEATHThe Mediterranean refugee crisis.

THE SCOURGE OF NATIONALISMA scathing opinion piece on one of the most destructive and divisive forces at work today: nationalism.

IN DEFENSE OF COLONIALISMAn opinion piece that argues against regarding colonialism as purely evil and blaming it for everything.

ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFEA reminder that despite the grim headlines and the regular barrage of depressing news, the world is gradually improving in many ways.


THE DISUNITED NATIONSAn opinion piece defending the UN but acknowledging its deep, structural flaws.

MAN OF THE YEAR (2014)My choice for 2014’s Man of the Year.