PERSECUTION AGAINST WHITE PEOPLEHow albinos in East and Southern Africa are persecuted and murdered.

TONGUE-TIED IN CAMEROONCameroon’s language divide and the Anglophone protests of 2016-7.

THE EMBERS OF APARTHEIDSouth Africa’s notorious system of racial segregation and how it continues to affect the country today.

TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONSNot about the usual North American-European relations, but about Brazilian-African relations.

BEASTS OF NO NATIONThe dark, unflinching 2015 movie about child soldiers in West Africa.

RWANDA’S KAGAMEA profile of Paul Kagame, the controversial dictator of Rwanda who’s actually doing a pretty good job as far as dictators go.

A PEEK AT MOZAMBIQUEAn overview of Mozambique, one of Africa’s most overlooked countries.

JAMMIN’ NAIJA STYLELearn more about Nigerian music, one of the country’s most infectious cultural exports.

THE PROBLEM WITH AFRICAAfrica’s problems are deep and systemic, but I zero in here on what I think is the standout: lousy governance.

GOODBYE JONATHANNigeria’s election in 2015 threw out a corrupt, discredited president (Goodluck Jonathan) and ushered in a former dictator who promised to reform the system (Muhammadu Buhari).

STAID DEVELOPMENTAn assessment of Ethiopia’s development strategy, which is state-led and looks to China as a model.

THE CONGO CONFLICT CHRONICLEThe sad but important story of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a major country in the heart of Africa with potential wasted by colonial oppression, flagrant corruption and chaotic war.