IS SOUTH ASIA IN WEST ASIA OR EAST ASIA?This opinion piece muses on whether the common categorization of South Asia as part of East Asia might not be as accurate as putting it in West Asia.

PAKISTAN’S DANGEROUS GAMEAn explanation of Pakistan’s long-term strategy of sponsoring militants to keep Afghanistan and India unstable and distracted.

SITA’S SUCCESSORSWomen in India and the long fight they have waged against sexism.

CAN INDIA MAKE IT AFTER ALL? (PART 2)In the second part of a series on the factors keeping India so poor, I discuss its outdated, onerous land laws.

A CASTE OF THOUSANDSIndia’s caste system and the complex ways it still shapes Indian society.

CAN INDIA MAKE IT AFTER ALL? (PART 1)In the first part of a series on the factors keeping India so poor, I look at its stifling labor regulations and informal manufacturing sector.

BEHIND IN BIHARA discussion of Bihar, India’s poorest state, and why it’s relevant in Indian politics.

DESI LOO PRODUCTIONIndia’s dire sanitation problem.

TRANSHIMALAYAThe nuanced but mostly antagonistic relationship between China and India.

RSS AGGRAVATORHindutva, or Hindu nationalism, and the role it plays in Indian politics in the era of Narendra Modi.

CAN AFGHANISTAN STAND?An overview of Afghanistan and its woes that evaluates its chances for stability (written in February 2015).

THE ALLIANCE OF DESTINYThe tortured but increasingly chummy relationship between America and India, advocating at the end for a full-fledged alliance.

THE OTHER GUYAn overview of India, the rising power of Asia consistently overlooked and overshadowed by China.