AMERICA’S OBAMA – A profile of Barack Obama, an American president with a complicated and controversial legacy.

FOREIGN POLICY IN THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONShould be pretty self-explanatory: A comparison of the foreign policies of the candidates in the 2016 US presidential election (namely, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump).

GO EAST, YOUNG MANAn opinion piece arguing that America should get more involved in East Asia.

JUSTIN TIMEAn explanation of the 2015 Canadian election, which replaced the longtime Conservative government of Stephen Harper with a new, young Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

¡ADIÓS A SÁBADO GIGANTE! – A farewell to Sábado Gigante, a long-running, enormously influential Latino variety show.

LET’S MAKE A DEALAn opinion piece arguing in favor of the 2015 agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

CANUCKS ABROADAn overview of Canadian foreign policy.

THE EMPIREAn overview of American foreign policy.

THE ALLIANCE OF DESTINYThe tortured but increasingly chummy relationship between America and India, advocating at the end for a full-fledged alliance.

CHIMERICAThe relationship between America and China, considered the world’s most important.

THE IRAQ HANGOVERAn opinion piece arguing that Americans are tired of overseas interventions after the bad experience of the Iraq War in the 2000s.