IRAN’S INTERNAL CONTRADICTIONS – An overview of contemporary Iran that focuses on the tension and contradiction between its theocratic, mostly conservative government and a restless, modernizing, mostly young populace.

PARTITIONI advocate for the partitioning of Syria and Iraq as a solution to the ethnic strife there.

ASSADISTIC ENDEAVOURThe Syrian Civil War (written in October 2015).

THE LETHARGY OF ALGÉRIE An overview of Algeria that asks why it remained relatively quiescent during the Arab Spring.

THE DANGEROUS FALLACY OF “LOSING” THE MIDDLE EASTAn opinion piece for another blog that tears apart the folly of American policy in the region.

LET’S MAKE A DEALAn opinion piece arguing in favor of the 2015 agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

SALMAN FRETTING ABOUT THE YEMEN The Yemenite Civil War and Saudi Arabia’s intervention in it (written in April 2015).

CAN AFGHANISTAN STAND?An overview of Afghanistan and its woes that evaluates its chances for stability (written in February 2015).

FULL CIRCLE REVOLUTIONThe story of Egypt’s revolution of 2011 and how it has lapsed into dictatorship once again.

THE CALIPHATE OF HATEThe bloody rise of the Islamic State (written in November 2014).

LEARN TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE BOMBAn overview of the Iranian nuclear program and why it causes so much regional uncertainty (written in November 2014, before the deal was reached).