COPING WITH CHINA – An opinion piece on how the rest of the world should come to terms with China’s inexorable rise (with a bit of a focus on its trade policy).

THE EURASIAN GIANTSThe complicated but consequential relationship between China and Russia.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHINESE AND JAPANESEEver wondered what the difference is? There are too many to list and it’s a complex subject, but here I try to explain how the languages work.

DEVELOPMENT YOU CAN CHOKE ONChina’s breakneck development comes at a terrible price: environmental devastation.

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EVERY LITTLE THING XI DOES IS MAGICChina’s dictator, Xi Jinping, and the personality cult he has built.

CHIMERICAThe relationship between America and China, considered the world’s most important.

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A NEW POWER ARISES IN THE EASTThe story of the rise of China and why it will probably be the most important story of the 21st century.