Transnational Topics is a foreign affairs blog. Its gaze ranges around the world — Yemen, Germany, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Brazil — and through all kinds of subject matter — election campaigns, human rights, economic development, war, international relations. It even dabbles in culture and social issues from time to time. However, it does tend to focus on East Asia, and China and India in particular. Its aim is to educate curious readers on what’s going on on the other side of the planet.

In general I try to keep the blog neutral and balanced, but my opinion inevitably leaks through from time to time. When I have a strong point of view on a subject, I write an opinion piece (and clearly label it as such). Older posts sometimes have a separate opinion section that can be ignored if the reader wishes.

I am American, and this inevitably colors my views as well. Nevertheless, I make a conscious effort to reject a national perspective. “Foreign affairs” here means “anywhere but [the United States of] America,” although American foreign policy is discussed. (American foreign policy is not the main focus, however.)

Finally, I should also issue this disclaimer: I am not an expert on anything. While some of the info on this site comes from personal knowledge, experience, or observations, most of it is researched from other news sources. If you’re tired of reading analysis from detached young people sitting in air-conditioned rooms in Washington, look elsewhere. This site does not go particularly in-depth either, and is meant to summarize broad issues and countries in a more accessible way than more heavy-going sources.

If you’re curious about some international topic, but don’t know where to start and want some useful background info, I hope this site will come in handy!


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